Bohemian Interior Design... CHOICE OF ELEGANT LOVER

Artistic and socially unconventional people who want their space to be jammed-up with liveliness, inaccuracy

Design Tips To Help You Plan Your Dream Kitchen

Let’s Cook up perfect recipe for your dream kitchen with 7WD expert tips and layout advice . Over the years 7WD designed many Luxury & Modular Kitchens and known as best Modular Kitchen Design

Design tips for dazzling (radiant) Scandinavian Interior

Scandinavian design has been popularised since 1950 but still it’s one of the most trending style in interior design. The Scandinavian interior design emphasis more on minimalism, simplicity and functionality.

Design Tips For Living Room

Living room is a space in your house where you entertain your family and friends and you spend most of your time reading ,talking watching T.V.

Design Tips For Studio Flats

It’s difficult to establish a floor plan for studio apartment. It is a really good idea to use bookshelf as room

Design tips for your kid’s room Interior and Color Selection

7WD is here to help as a best kids room Interior Designer in delhi, Gurgaon.

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How to find the right architect for your house

There is a misbelief that architects are only hired by grand estates. Today 7 WD is hear to clear this huge misconceptions and to explain how to hire right architect to achieve your custom house design and save your tons of money.

Small Budget Big Makeover of Your House….

Money is a restricted resource and it’s easy to start thinking you just don’t have the budget to build your dream house.

Latest Interior Design Trends: BOTANICAL Interior Design

Botanical are huge trend in interiors at the moment. It’s refreshing and soothing look creates blissful and holistic modern botanical trend! Botanical design refers to the use of plants

When you think It’s time to Renovate your House...Note Down these things

Many of us want luxury life, some of us think buying luxurious things like Car, luxury Stuff, is one of them. But do you know a person who live in a Beautiful home which is Vastu Compliant is more balanced and happy then other who live in unmanaged home.

Is My Bedroom Interior Design Suits my Personality....!

“Your Home should tell the story of who you are, and be a Collection of what you Love.” ..