Design Tips To Help You Plan Your Dream Kitchen

Design Tips To Help You Plan Your Dream Kitchen

Let's Cook up perfect recipe for your dream kitchen with 7WD expert tips and layout advice . Over the years7WD has designed many kitchens ,7WD know how significant it is to design your kitchen space where you spend majority of time while you are at home .Kitchen is heart of your home space where you spend most of your time cooking, Modular Kitchen Designers in Delhi, eating and chatting with your kids after school .well visualized design plan is essential in order to create a kitchen that work for you and your family.

7WD is going to share with you best design tips that will help you to design your dream kitchen. These are few important things that need to be carefully considered before you begin your kitchen project . The Work Triangle: According to 7WD work triangle is most important thing to take into consideration while planning for your kitchen design.

The work triangle is the space between your stove, refrigerator and sink. A well designed triangle will result in an effective workflow and allows you to move with ease between the 3 most used points. Plan for sufficient amount of storage : one of the most important requirement of client while designing their kitchen is storage as their current kitchen space has lack of storage space. You can create maximum storage space even in smallest kitchen space by using smart storage solution . Let there be adequate light : It is very important to have right amount of light in your kitchen .

7WD recommend following 3 types of lights while designing your electrical layout.

1).General Lighting

2)Task Light

3)Accent Light

Keep functions in mind while designing : You can reflect functional style in your kitchen by following few simple steps

Under cabinet task lighting

Pull out storage

Built recycling setup

Use of energy saving appliance like dual oven range

Use environment friendly materials like bamboo, stone.

Use more light colors: Your kitchen can look more spacious by using light color shades ,you can even visually expand your space with use of soft shade on kitchen cabinet . Safety: Make your kitchen safe and kids friendly by keeping some safety element in your mind while designing like rounded countertops, slip resistant flooring and oven located at adult height to reduce the chance of accidental burning.

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