How to find the right architect for your house.

How to find the right architect for your house.

There is a misbelief that architects are only hired by grand estates. Today 7 WD is hear to clear this huge misconceptions and to explain how to hire right architect to achieve your custom house design and save your tons of money. Best architects in delhi, you"re all set to build your dream home but before you start journey of building your dream house You need to find right architect. With growing number of residential architects in industry it can become quiet overwhelming experience to find right architect for your dream project. The whole event of building your houses can become blissful and relaxing if you choose a residential architect with a good (noble) status and pleasant character.

To start with your selection process of right architect you need to do little homework.

Here are few tips from 7WD to find an architect:

Word-of-mouth recommendations are the best way :

If any of your friend ,neighbour or family member's house has undergone major renovation work you can consult their architect . You can even check with their experience and fees of architect.


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